There is no doubt that fire risks in modern society have grouwn in many respects. Fires - and in this the experts are unanimous - are today no longer a calculable risk. Today KBS Fire Protection System is known worldwide. It comprises a series of products providing most effective means to achieve compartmentation, the mandatory requirement in all update building codes and fire insurance regulations to prevent a fire from spreading to other building sections.

We furnish a huge range of materials for every conceivable application: fire protective coatings for electrical cables, fire and gastight cable penetration seals, fire and gastight cable penetration seals for walls and ceilings, fire protection for combustible and incombustible pipes of any kind and size and sealing systems for all types of joints.

Since more than 40 years we have been developing concepts and systems for active fire fighting and passive fire protection in our own laboratories. With our comprehensive fire protection systems we cannot prevent all fire. But we can make life much safer.

More than 200 test reports conducted to all internationally recognized standards verify the suitability of KBS Fire Protection Products for their intended use to assure the user of warranted performance for many eyars under any and all conditions. Our customers can rely on the quality of our products, and with every justification: because all the products are manufactured to the requirements of the Quality Assurance System DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 14001.

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