- KBS Coatings
- KBS Panel Seal
- KBS Mortar
- KBS Sealbags
- KBS Pipe Seal
- KBS Fir-A-Flex
- KBS Woodcoat

KBS Coatings

KBS Industrial Coating is an FM Approved, water-based, ablative fireproofing material especially developed for the fire protection of grouped or bundled electrical cables and penetration seals.

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Panel Seal

The KBS fire retardant panel seal consists of mineral wool panels coated with KBS firestopping coating. Only the exposed side of the panels and the visible penetrating items has to be coated with KBS fire retardant coating.

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KBS Fire stopping Mortar Seal is a dry mortar mix with a controlled swelling effect, which provides a non-shrinking, homogenous and smoke gas-tight fire seal for cable penetrations. Most mortars shrink during drying or curing.

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Seal Bags

KBS fire stop sealbags are pillows consisting of tightly woven, durable fibre-glass cloth filled with a combination of mineral fibres, incombustible components, water-insoluble expansion agents and special fire retardant additives.

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Pipe Seal

To an increasing extent, plastic pipes are replacing steel pipes in modern structures, in industrial facilities as will as in residential buildings. However, despite the many advantages gained through the use of plastic pipes, their one drawback is that they are combustible.

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KBS Fir-A-Flex

KBS Fir-A-Flex is a permanently elastic fire protective sealing system for linear gaps.The system be used for all kinds of wall connection and expansion joints with horizontal and vertical movements. It is sandwich element consisting of a highly elastic KBS-foam and a flexible intumescent material.

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The proven KBS WOODCOAT™ coating system was specially developed for the protection of indoor wood facings and will give a spread of flame resistance to hardwoods, softwoods, plywood. The principle of its function is also based on the formation of a 2-3 cm thick insulating layer which modifies the wood elements to low inflammability.

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KBS FOAMCOAT C11 is an intumescent sealant used for fire protection of electrical cables and plastic pipes. KBS FOATCOAT C11 can be used for wall and ceiling penetrations. It is advisable to use the cartridges allowing an easy application. In case of fire KBS FOAMCOAT C11 forms microporous foam of at least 30 times the thickness of the original layer.

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